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Comox Valley Home Design Consulting

Griffith Homes can help you design your perfect home or renovation.

Unlike other general contractors, at Griffith Homes we specialize in design consulting that caters to your personal tastes, creating a custom home that fulfills every detail within an appropriate budget.

Our unique design process ensures that there are no surprises, and that your project progresses as efficiently as possible.

What’s the difference between hiring an architect and hiring a residential construction consultant like Griffith Homes?

While both architects and residential construction consultants or building designers often offer the same services, we believe that a consultant can offer a more practical and personalized approach.

Not all architects are general contractors, which is something that Griffith Homes is proud to specialize in. As the single point of contact during your build or renovation, and with an intimate understanding of the design of your home, we can make sure that communication amongst you and all contractors is simple, efficient and – most importantly – stress-free.

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