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Our Process

We firmly believe that we have one of the most effective and detailed planning processes of anyone in our industry. Our goal is to achieve and exceed your expectations every time, and to ensure excellent, crystal-clear communication between us every step of the way.

The Planning Stage

Griffith Homes can help you plan your new build or renovation.

The goal of the planning stage is to build your project on paper and write up a clear contract so that you know exactly what the build is going to be. This stage can take between one and four months.

It is very important to us that the planning stage is sufficiently thorough to alleviate any of your concerns about project management, communication and time execution. The duration of this stage varies greatly depending on how often you are available to meet, and the scope of the design project.

Our Planning Process

Our unique planning phase ensures we’re able to deliver exactly the home you desire, on time and on budget. It also tends to speed up the construction phase and helps make the permitting process much smoother.

Step One

First, our process starts with an Initial Site Consultation. What is the property like – is it a new or existing home or are we retrofitting a home? We also document the existing condition and make sure we get a good feel for your needs, wants and budget. You will also receive an information package which will help you make a decision on whether you want to proceed with Griffith Homes.

Step Two

Once you enter into a Planning and Design Pre-Construction Agreement with us, you will sit down with a building designer to discuss options and create sketches of your dream home. These sketches will eventually be turned into building plans! At the end of this step, you receive a feasibility study and report that includes preliminary drawings, specifications sheet and project summary.


Step Three

The feasibility report you received in step two is comprehensive enough for you to take to a lender for financing if necessary. This is also an opportune time to add or subtract elements of the work before the designer creates a final set of drawings.

Step Four

Once the first three steps have been completed, your project arrives at the budget planning stage, at which point we provide you with a Budget Estimate which breaks down the project into sub-categories and provides you with detailed allowances for the finishes you have chosen.

Step Five

When you have approved the Budget Estimate we will prepare the Construction Documents and proceed with the Building Permit application. We can begin working with engineers on site preparation, such as blasting, geotechnical work or installing a septic system.


Why Can’t You Just Bring a Set of Ready-Made Plans for Us to Build?

Many people want to download plans from the Internet and bring them to us to build. Unfortunately, these plans often don’t meet BC Building Code requirements, don’t take your site into account and/or have a lot of unforeseen problems.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, our process actually saves clients time and money, while also delivering much more satisfying results!

See some of our finished projects, or contact us to get this process started for your project.

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