Frequently asked questions

Building and renovations are big projects.

Here are some of the questions we most frequently get asked about custom home design/construction and custom home renovations in the Comox Valley.
We want to build a custom home – how much will it cost?

That’s the biggest question of all – and by far the most commonly asked! Building a custom home is a very large project. We have developed a detailed planning process that helps us work with our clients to deliver the home of their dreams. It takes time—but at the end of the planning stage, you will have an extremely accurate estimate of the total cost of your new build. If this concept intrigues you, contact us to find out more.

Can you provide a quote for our renovation?
Absolutely, we’re more than happy to provide a quote tailored to your specific project. However, in order to ensure accuracy and alignment with your vision, we believe it’s crucial to first meet with you and undergo our comprehensive planning process. This enables us to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs.

Given our specialization in custom projects, we refrain from offering estimates without this detailed planning phase. Instead, we offer invaluable insights drawn from our extensive experience and provide you with detailed information during the planning stage. Together, we collaboratively work out the costs as an integral part of our process, ensuring that the quote precisely reflects the specifics of your project.

Do you have a selection of ready-made plans we can choose from?
Our work is completely custom, so each home we create—or renovation we carry out—is specifically designed for the client’s unique needs, situation, personality, taste and budget. We work closely with each client during the design and build process, including an extensive planning phase that allows us first to understand what the client is looking for, then to advise them, then to build the home of their dreams.
Will you build us a home from plans we provide you?
Plans from other sources may seem like an economical way to go, but they can create a lot of unforeseen problems because they don’t take your site and your unique needs into account. For instance, they may not meet BC Building Code requirements. Although it may seem counterintuitive, our planning process actually saves clients time and money, while also delivering much more satisfying results!
What is your process?
We go through a thorough and time-tested planning phase with every client before moving on to the construction phase. As our client, you also have access to our project management software, which allows you to follow the entire process in real time, including a project calendar, photos, and updates.
How do you design a project?

During the planning stage, our clients sit down with the building designer to discuss options and create sketches of their dream home. These sketches are then turned into building plans. Our building designer is very good at capturing your needs and wants. Take a look at our past projects to get inspired!

Will you put together our budget estimate?
Absolutely! That’s all part of our planning process. We spend a lot of time planning with each client so we can make sure all the details of the project are captured and there are no surprises when it comes to budget. The estimate is part of our feasibility report and planning phase.
How close to our budget can we expect to be? Can you stay within our budget?
Our goal is to always stay within your budget, which is why our planning process can take so long (one to four months). We believe you should always get exactly what you want—within your budget, of course—without worrying about unexpected increases in cost.
What are your timelines for our project?
If you have a completion date in mind, we’ll do everything we can to work with your timeline. However, your project timeline will vary greatly depending on the size of your project. Our planning process is very detailed, and by the end of the planning stage (usually one to four months), everyone involved will have a clear idea of the expected timeline. As our client, you also have access to our project management software, which allows you to follow the entire process in real time, including a project calendar, photos, and updates.
Do you work with designers around other professionals on home designs?
Yes, we work with experienced professionals renowned for their high-quality design work who have a keen interest in sustainable home design. If you have a designer or architect already in mind, we can work with them, or if we’re your first point of contact, we can introduce you to the right people for your project.
Do you work with your clients throughout the entire process?
Of course! Working closely together with our clients is the key to our success. Once you’ve made the decision to work with us, we consider ourselves more than your contractor in this journey: we are your partner and your advocate in every aspect of your project.

We take pride in the personal relationships we build with our clients, which is based on the excellent communication we have throughout the entire building process—from that initial idea to handing over the keys.

Can you renovate our home within our expected budget?
Home renovations have a lot of ins and outs, which is why we try to create extremely clear expectations. Our detailed planning process will help us understand what you’re looking for so we can make a plan. Let’s talk! Call us to book a consultation.
Do you use local sub-trades?
Yes, we use local subcontractors and vendors who we know and trust. All the sub-trades we use are extremely qualified.
Are your employees professionally trained?
Yes, we only use qualified workers with professional training, or apprentices who we are training through ITA/Skilled Trades BC. Tavis Griffith, the owner and founder of Griffith Homes, is a journeyman carpenter with over 25 years of experience in custom home builds.
What is your new home warranty?
Every new home comes with a standard 2-5-10 Home Warranty, which includes two years on material and labour, five years on the building envelope, and a 10-year structural defect warranty. We personally guarantee that if anything goes wrong with your home, we’ll do what we can to make it right. (We’re proud to say that no one has yet needed to rely on this personal guarantee, since we work hard to attend to every detail before we consider a project complete.)
What is your warranty on home renovations?
We offer a one-year warranty on all home renovations. As with our new home builds, we personally guarantee our renovations. If any issues arise, whether its year 1, 10, or 25, we encourage you to reach out to us for support and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

As of yet, nobody has needed support in this way—we go out of our way to check and double check our work so life in your new space goes without a hitch.

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