Incredible Team of People

We purchased our chalet up at Mt. Washington in October of 2020 after many years of dreaming about, and looking for, the perfect place for our family. In 2021, we decided to tackle the necessary exterior renovations and started our search find a suitable company to bring our vision to a reality. In the end, it became absolutely clear that Griffith Homes would be the very best people to take care of our unique project. Our chalet is a very special place to us and it is something that we hope to have in our family for many years to come and, eventually, pass on to our son Elliott. Having only the best on this project was important to us!

From day one, the professionalism, attentiveness, and sincere interest in our project was overwhelming. We knew that our home being up at the mountain was going to pose unique challenges and we feared that they might cause some reluctance but we couldn’t have been more pleased at the enthusiasm everyone showed to overcome these challenges and the eagerness to make it happen. Throughout the entire three and a half month project we were met with kindness, respect and a genuine concern for ensuring every detail was being taken care of. The craftsmanship displayed with every facet of the work was nothing short of exceptional and Ben, Sid, Rylee, Gabriel and Brad were such an amazing crew; one that we looked forward to seeing every time we visited the site throughout the summer. They always had time for our questions and always enthusiastically took care of any item we brought forward. In fact, nearly everything we brought up, they had already thought of and were addressing. We quickly learned that we had nothing to worry about and that if we were away from the site for any amount of time, everything was in great hands. Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank the crew behind the scenes that took care of the incredible logistics of a project like this and ensured that everything needed to tackle its unique challenges were in place for the crew. It was amazing to see things just fall into place and everything show up on site ready for every detail of the job. What an incredible team of people you all are!